Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: How much can I expect to pay on this loan?

A: Our rates are extremely reasonable at 36%, which unfortunately limits the number of people we can serve rather dramatically.

Q: I need to borrow my entire paycheck. Can I do that?

A: No, you can only borrow up to $300.

Q: If I default on the loan are there fees?

A: Yes, you will pay a $30 NSF fee and you will continue paying interest at 36% APR.

Q: I'm on welfare, will that count as employment?

A: That is obviously not employment. You must be employed to borrow anything from us.

Q: I have bad credit, will that be a problem?

A: Yes, if you have bad credit we will probably not be able to lend to you. Unfortunately the interest rates we are legally allowed to charge do not give us enough flexibility to accept most borrowers.

Q: Does self-employment count as employment?

A: As long as you have pay stubs showing regular income, self-employment is a valid source of income.